To learn sketch, first understand what is sketch, sketch Tools Introduction

Drawing a monochrome picture of the object with lines is called sketch. Sketch is a process of painting training to learn art skills, explore the rules of modelling and cultivate professional habits. Sketch is a compulsory course for art majors and the basis of all paintings. Sketch is a necessary stage to study the art of painting. Sketch is the simplest form of sculpture in art. It is a compulsory course for every artist and art lover at the basic training stage. To learn painting, we must begin with sketch. To master the basic theory and techniques of sketch is the key to learning sketch.

2. Sketching tools

1) pencil

The existing pencils are divided into two types, with HB as the boundary, changing to soft and dark. The higher the coefficients of B, 2B and 3B, the softer the core is and the stronger the color is. The higher the coefficients of H, 2H and 3H, the harder the core is and the lighter the color is.

Pencil is the most simple and convenient tool. Beginners often learn sketch from pencil. The main reason is that pencil can be very precise and definite in line modeling, can be modified at will, and can depict details more deeply and meticulously, which is conducive to rigorous body requirements and deep repeated research. At the same time, there are many kinds of pencils, hard and soft, deep and shallow, more comprehensive, can draw more tones, beginners are easier to grasp, therefore, it is more suitable for basic training applications.

2) sketch paper

The sketch should be white, thick and clean, with paper pattern.

3) Sketchpad

Smooth and seamless splint is the best. If you are standing to draw a sketch, you should also have an easel.

4) rubber

Flat and soft square rubber is preferable.

5) Other tools

Tools such as pencil sharpeners, thumbtacks and wipes also need to be spared.