Zero Basic Sketch. What else do you need to prepare besides pencils?

Every time I see other people’s sketches, I always marvel at the world outlined by black and white colors. Roaming around, finally determined to start self-learning sketch, do not seek to draw horrifying ghosts and spirits, as long as you can simply outline the world you see is enough. If you want to learn sketch by yourself, follow the octopus.

Sharp tools make good work. The same is true of learning sketch. Before you begin to learn, you have to do a good job of preparation and prepare all the materials you need.


There are several kinds of pens used in sketch. One is pencil, the other is charcoal pen, and the other is paper pen.

Needless to say, pencils are essential tools. There are many kinds of pencils, starting with H and starting with B. Generally speaking, beginner’s pencils are HB, 2B, 4B, 6B. Of course, if you want to pursue more detailed description, you can have all the pencils ready.

Charcoal pens are more expressive than pencil lines, but they are not suitable for detail processing. They can be used for drafting or preparing a few first.

Paper and pen can be used to visualize the background, can increase the sense of the picture, but it is difficult to control the degree of use, beginners can temporarily not use.

Sketch paper:

At first, Octopus felt that it was wasteful to start practicing with sketch paper, but later found that the effect of practicing with other paper was not good, so he switched to sketch paper. Special sketch paper is stronger, easy to wipe and easier to colour. Beginners can choose 150 g sketch paper to practice.


There are two kinds of rubber used in sketch, one is ordinary art rubber, and the other is plastic rubber. Compared with ordinary erasers, these two erasers have no obvious erasing trace and do not damage the paper.


Beginners also need to prepare drawing boards, art knives, brushes, glue, clips and so on.

Sketchpad is necessary, don’t say much. For beginners, the picture clip is usually used to go out to sketch, beginners can not prepare first. The easel can be seen, because the drawing board can also be placed directly on the legs.

The art knife is used to sharpen pencils and cut paper. Some people will buy Pencil Sharpeners to sharpen pencils. Octopus is not recommended. Although pencil sharpeners are fast, they are sharp and not suitable for painting. Artistic knives can cut pencils into ideal shapes by hand.

The board brush is mainly used to clean the rubbery debris left on the drawing paper, which is very useful. Suggestions are also prepared.

Water glue and clips are used to fix the drawing paper, and they are also necessary.

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