Sketch Initial Tools: How to Use Sketch Definition Solution

What tools do you need to get started with sketching? What is the sketching fluid? How to use it? Now let’s learn the tools needed for sketch introduction: how to use sketch detergent.

The fixing fluid is mainly used to ensure the clarity of the picture and prolong the fading time. It is liquid, contains gelatin, inflatable cans. When using, do not be too close to the screen, generally 30-40 cm is the most appropriate distance. Be careful not to spray freely, the fixing fluid has certain corrosiveness.

I. Use of Sketching Tools: Correct Use of Fixing Fluid

1. Shake the tank back and forth several times before using, so that the gas and liquid inside can be fully mixed.

2. Place the painted works on the ground. The sprinkler is 30-40 centimeters away from the screen and about 45 times above the incline. Let the spray cover the screen evenly.

3. Adjust the position of the work and continue to press the sprinkler at the same angle.

4. Continue to adjust the position of the picture so that the fixing fluid can be fully sprayed on the picture.

2. There are two ways to air-dry the picture: one is to put the work sprayed with fixing fluid on the floor, let the natural air dry; the other is to use a hair dryer to gently dry it.

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