What tools do sketches need to prepare?

Sketch, a single line description, no color painting. It is the basis of plastic arts, plastic arts, plastic arts, important things to say three times.

What tools do you need to prepare for sketching?

1. Pencils

For beginners with zero foundation, it is generally recommended to prepare four types of pencils, HB 2B 4B 6B, as shown below.

It can be clearly seen that the differences between the four models are generally preliminary. It is suggested that 6B be used for shaping and black face, 4B for dark gray face, 2B for light gray face, HB for bright face. As for brand, I have used China, Marco, Marley, Old Man, Mitsubishi, Huibaijia and Shidelou, but Mitsubishi has a high cost performance ratio, and Mitsubishi is the first choice in studio.

2. Rubber: A hard piece, a plastic piece, if conditions permit, you can also prepare a high-gloss rubber, plastic rubber for wiping details. Cherry Blossom Brand is easy to use, especially plastic.

3. Pencil sharpener, drawing board easel: This needless to say, basically not too many choices, is the standard, the drawing board can choose 4k, the easel 1.5 meters or higher can be, remember to bring clips oh.

4. Painting paper: beginners do not have high requirements for drawing paper, just 150 grams or 160 grams of ordinary, remember to use the rough side to draw oh.

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