“Artwork” sketch drawing recommended tools

1, paper recommended

Kang Yi 155

This is a medium-grain sketch paper. For sketch paper, the thicker the texture, the stronger the ability to eat lead. Of course, the graininess will be stronger, but this is for short-term work, and the long-term work will basically fill up. Paper grain, so the advantage of medium grain is reflected in the long-term sketch. Kang’s top sketching product is the Ingre series, the mid-range 180g 1557, the full open 7-8 dollars, and a cheaper 150/160g Konstantin.

2, the brush of the sketch article recommended

1, Marco wood professional drawing sketch pencil 7001 series

The product quality is good, suitable for students, Marco also has its own high-end series: Renoir, model is 3000, a 3000 can buy 2 and a half 7001, 7001 less than 1 dollar, 3000 less than 2 dollars.

2, Germany Faber-Castell 9000 sketch pencil

The Faber-Castell product line is divided into three levels, red is the student level, blue is the professional level, and green is the artist level. There are two kinds of 9000 disperse and iron box in the world. The iron box is produced by the original German factory. It is divided into 6 single gray scales and 12 full gray scales. It is equivalent to about 8 yuan per piece (a treasure), bulk. The origin of 9000 is Indonesia, and each one only costs 2.5-3 bucks. The price/performance ratio is still outstanding, but the wood in bulk 9000 is not the same as the boxed 9000, and the workmanship is also slightly worse.

3, Germany Shide Building STAED TLER100 blue pole drawing pencil

The most comprehensive performance is the advantage of the Blue Rod 100. Whether it is erasable or color-resistant or break-resistant, it is still very satisfying, so the market share of the Blue Rod 100 exceeds 9000, which is the creation of most painters. Sketch and sketch selected pens. The blue rod 100 is also available in bulk and iron box, but unlike the 9000, the bulk is also made in Germany, basically 3.5 or so, and the iron box is also 7-8.

4, Mitsubishi uni Japan imported painting sketch pencil 9800

The grip of the 9800 is more delicate than that of Faber-Castell’s 9000 and Shi Delou’s Ares 100. Writing is very problem-free, which is not suitable for drawing sketches. In order to increase the fluency of writing, the proportion of waxy media It is relatively high, and the popular point is that it is easy to reflect.

5, Taiwan Lions drawing sketch pencil

The lion is a very old-fashioned painting factory in Taiwan. It has no advantage over domestic pencils in terms of price, and there are not many outstanding performances. The lack of high-end products is a big problem. The Philippine graphite rod feels very good and is half cheaper than the Czech-made cool joy, but the graphite rod is not used much, mainly for large screen quick coloring.


Have you chosen the right sketch tool?

Pencils are divided into 18 hardness grades: 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H and 10H. The bigger the number in front of the letter, the harder or softer it is. H in pencil means hard, B means black. The bigger the number in front of B means the darker the pencil is, for example, 6B is darker than 4B. Lead above 4B is relatively soft, suitable for composition and shaping, deepening tone, easy to erase and modify, and lead below 4B has a deeper imprint, so it is not easy to erase.

A 2H pencil, a 2B pencil and several HB pencils are usually kept. Before drawing, the pencils of H are sharpened. The pencils of H are used for drafting and drawing bright parts. The pencils of B are used for representing dark parts and shadows. The pencils of HB are used for most paintings.

2. Choice of Paper

Drawing sketch needs easy to adjust the tone, then the sketch paper should not be too smooth, too smooth, not good to adjust the tone, and even when the number of drawings is slightly more, there will be reflections and other phenomena.

Sketch paper is not the rougher the better, too rough sketch paper, because the paper surface fluctuations, the tone will feel very rough, such sketch paper, when drawing realistic, it is not easy to draw very realistic, because the pitted paper draws out, it is easy to give a rough feeling.

Sketch paper should not be too thin, too thin sketch paper, wrong drawings or some places that deal with the tone many times, easy to be rubbed by rubber, thus affecting the whole painting. In addition, too thick sketch paper is also a waste, because the thicker the sketch paper, the more expensive it is. So when drawing, choose the right sketch paper. If it’s not clear, choose medium-priced sketch paper directly. Beginners should use 8 or 4 openings of paper, 16 openings of copperplate paper and photocopy paper.

Daqian, Old Man, Bi Xiaoxuan and Mali are all good choices depending on which one you are more comfortable with.

3. rubber

The old man’s head is matched with cherry blossoms, the old man’s head is used to brighten, and the cherry blossom is used to wipe off naturally quite good. Of course, usually as an interest only for their own happiness, most of them are still possible.

Special reminder:

When you start school, you always feel that you are not satisfied with drawing a brush, and then erase it with an eraser immediately. When you draw the wrong brush the second time, you erase it again. This is the worst habit. One is easy to hurt the paper to leave scars on the paper, and the more uncertain it is when drawing, so we should try our best to avoid it.

When the first stroke is wrong, you can draw the second stroke as much as possible, so there is a standard when drawing, easy to correct, and after all the shades and shades are painted, then wipe off the pencil lines where they are not used and erase them gently, so that the whole picture will be much clearer and more lovely.

In fact, many useless lines on the screen are usually hidden by the dark part in the end. We only need to erase the exposed part, which is more labor-saving. At the same time, unused line marks often invisibly become the foil of the main body, so not only do not erase harmless to the picture, but sometimes receive invisible effect, which is something we must pay attention to.

Sketching requires the preparation of those tools

If you are going to start learning sketch, let’s give you a comprehensive introduction of sketch tools today.

I. Simplest (Master Level)

The simplest is also master-level, with the meaning of seeking defeat alone and using wooden sword. There are no tricks to win. Give me a pencil head and you can draw anywhere.

But beginners do not need to pursue the perfection of tools.

Pencils, eraser and a pencil sharpener are enough.

Ordinary rubber and pencil sharpener, sketch pencil, buy a larger sketch book, you can save the trouble of easel and drawing board, and very conducive to the preservation of paintings. Looking for memories in the future is a very good album.

Here’s a brief description of the pencil model: you don’t need to buy all the models, you can choose a few representative ones. For example: 2H. HB. 2B. 4B. 6B. etc.

As for the performance of the sketch pencil, you can see the following picture at a glance.

2. The most comprehensive (introductory-deity level)

Painters will use all kinds of methods to pursue the effect they want to achieve. For a long time, all kinds of products in the market will emerge as the times require. Therefore, in addition to the basic supplies mentioned above, there are many auxiliary appliances.

Painting frame, drawing board, charcoal strip, carbon and lead, paper and pen, plastic rubber, fixing fluid.

1. easels and panels

In fact, painting, we must create a painting space for ourselves at home. This space doesn’t need to be too big. But although sparrows are small, they need all kinds of internal organs. This will have a nurturing environment. An easel and a drawing board are essential.

Whether it’s an offline sports store or Taobao, there are all kinds of things, so I won’t dwell on them here.

2. charcoal strips

Charcoal strip is actually one of the older sketching tools (putting wood in an airtight container and not burning completely). Charcoal strip is crisp in texture and coloring is fictitious. It is usually used to describe the conceptual sketch of creation and design. In the performance of the relationship between fiction and reality, charcoal strip has very good performance, obvious effect and fast drawing speed.

3. charcoal pencil

The use of charcoal pen, easy to produce results, but if not grasped, lines will be difficult to erase, easy to leave traces, using charcoal pen painting, deep foundation, once in place.

4. paper pen

The whole pen is made of paper. Its function is to wipe the picture. Wiping is also a technique in the process of painting. It can also be wiped by hand (if the sweat on the hand is too much, it is not easy to modify after wiping), or with paper towels.

5. Plastic rubber

Plastic rubber plays a very important role. Three advantages are summarized:

(1) There is no rubber scurf, and painting at home is clean and tidy.

(2) As soft and plastic as rubber mud, it can pinch out different shapes and depict details easily.

(3) When the painting is very heavy, the stickiness can be used to stick down, so as not to crack the picture.

6. painting solution

The characteristics of the fixing fluid are transparent, colorless, waterproof, good adhesion and no yellowing, which can keep the original color, level and texture of the work. Its colloidal characteristics can effectively protect the picture, especially the painting works which are easy to be erased, such as sketch.