Sketching requires the preparation of those tools

If you are going to start learning sketch, let’s give you a comprehensive introduction of sketch tools today.

I. Simplest (Master Level)

The simplest is also master-level, with the meaning of seeking defeat alone and using wooden sword. There are no tricks to win. Give me a pencil head and you can draw anywhere.

But beginners do not need to pursue the perfection of tools.

Pencils, eraser and a pencil sharpener are enough.

Ordinary rubber and pencil sharpener, sketch pencil, buy a larger sketch book, you can save the trouble of easel and drawing board, and very conducive to the preservation of paintings. Looking for memories in the future is a very good album.

Here’s a brief description of the pencil model: you don’t need to buy all the models, you can choose a few representative ones. For example: 2H. HB. 2B. 4B. 6B. etc.

As for the performance of the sketch pencil, you can see the following picture at a glance.

2. The most comprehensive (introductory-deity level)

Painters will use all kinds of methods to pursue the effect they want to achieve. For a long time, all kinds of products in the market will emerge as the times require. Therefore, in addition to the basic supplies mentioned above, there are many auxiliary appliances.

Painting frame, drawing board, charcoal strip, carbon and lead, paper and pen, plastic rubber, fixing fluid.

1. easels and panels

In fact, painting, we must create a painting space for ourselves at home. This space doesn’t need to be too big. But although sparrows are small, they need all kinds of internal organs. This will have a nurturing environment. An easel and a drawing board are essential.

Whether it’s an offline sports store or Taobao, there are all kinds of things, so I won’t dwell on them here.

2. charcoal strips

Charcoal strip is actually one of the older sketching tools (putting wood in an airtight container and not burning completely). Charcoal strip is crisp in texture and coloring is fictitious. It is usually used to describe the conceptual sketch of creation and design. In the performance of the relationship between fiction and reality, charcoal strip has very good performance, obvious effect and fast drawing speed.

3. charcoal pencil

The use of charcoal pen, easy to produce results, but if not grasped, lines will be difficult to erase, easy to leave traces, using charcoal pen painting, deep foundation, once in place.

4. paper pen

The whole pen is made of paper. Its function is to wipe the picture. Wiping is also a technique in the process of painting. It can also be wiped by hand (if the sweat on the hand is too much, it is not easy to modify after wiping), or with paper towels.

5. Plastic rubber

Plastic rubber plays a very important role. Three advantages are summarized:

(1) There is no rubber scurf, and painting at home is clean and tidy.

(2) As soft and plastic as rubber mud, it can pinch out different shapes and depict details easily.

(3) When the painting is very heavy, the stickiness can be used to stick down, so as not to crack the picture.

6. painting solution

The characteristics of the fixing fluid are transparent, colorless, waterproof, good adhesion and no yellowing, which can keep the original color, level and texture of the work. Its colloidal characteristics can effectively protect the picture, especially the painting works which are easy to be erased, such as sketch.

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