“Artwork” sketch drawing recommended tools

1, paper recommended

Kang Yi 155

This is a medium-grain sketch paper. For sketch paper, the thicker the texture, the stronger the ability to eat lead. Of course, the graininess will be stronger, but this is for short-term work, and the long-term work will basically fill up. Paper grain, so the advantage of medium grain is reflected in the long-term sketch. Kang’s top sketching product is the Ingre series, the mid-range 180g 1557, the full open 7-8 dollars, and a cheaper 150/160g Konstantin.

2, the brush of the sketch article recommended

1, Marco wood professional drawing sketch pencil 7001 series

The product quality is good, suitable for students, Marco also has its own high-end series: Renoir, model is 3000, a 3000 can buy 2 and a half 7001, 7001 less than 1 dollar, 3000 less than 2 dollars.

2, Germany Faber-Castell 9000 sketch pencil

The Faber-Castell product line is divided into three levels, red is the student level, blue is the professional level, and green is the artist level. There are two kinds of 9000 disperse and iron box in the world. The iron box is produced by the original German factory. It is divided into 6 single gray scales and 12 full gray scales. It is equivalent to about 8 yuan per piece (a treasure), bulk. The origin of 9000 is Indonesia, and each one only costs 2.5-3 bucks. The price/performance ratio is still outstanding, but the wood in bulk 9000 is not the same as the boxed 9000, and the workmanship is also slightly worse.

3, Germany Shide Building STAED TLER100 blue pole drawing pencil

The most comprehensive performance is the advantage of the Blue Rod 100. Whether it is erasable or color-resistant or break-resistant, it is still very satisfying, so the market share of the Blue Rod 100 exceeds 9000, which is the creation of most painters. Sketch and sketch selected pens. The blue rod 100 is also available in bulk and iron box, but unlike the 9000, the bulk is also made in Germany, basically 3.5 or so, and the iron box is also 7-8.

4, Mitsubishi uni Japan imported painting sketch pencil 9800

The grip of the 9800 is more delicate than that of Faber-Castell’s 9000 and Shi Delou’s Ares 100. Writing is very problem-free, which is not suitable for drawing sketches. In order to increase the fluency of writing, the proportion of waxy media It is relatively high, and the popular point is that it is easy to reflect.

5, Taiwan Lions drawing sketch pencil

The lion is a very old-fashioned painting factory in Taiwan. It has no advantage over domestic pencils in terms of price, and there are not many outstanding performances. The lack of high-end products is a big problem. The Philippine graphite rod feels very good and is half cheaper than the Czech-made cool joy, but the graphite rod is not used much, mainly for large screen quick coloring.


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